Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hardly an endorsement

Well my mail was wrong My mail was 38 were for the spill. This is not an endorsement of the Abbott regime. Party etiquette says that 41 were obliged to vote for Abbott. The remaining 60 1 being absent 20 supported Abbott 39 voted for anybody else and one couldn't workout the how to vote form. This is to be continued.
Abbott has a tenuous hold on his job.The performance of both him and his Ministry is critical to his future.With a history of clangers and faux pas he needs a clean sheet from now until the end of the year.Lets face it he's doomed history alone says 18 day average between stuff ups. He's not popular anywhere apparently after today's vote.
Turnbull will no longer fear having a crack at Abbott.He will be wanting to move soon to ensure no one else covets the chalice. It's going to provide entertainment to reality tv buffs over the next few weeks. A coup is now inevitable