Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Why is compliance with our Constitution important ?

As many of you who follow my blog know I have been trying to enforce the Australian Prime Ministers compliance with s44.1 of the Australian Constitution. Many people don't regard this as a serious issue. I have had lengthy conversations with politicians and their staff.Many have been spent explaining why this issue and general compliance with the laws is important.
My reasons are as follows. I believe that our political representatives should be held to high levels of integrity and compliance. They should be respectful of the people they represent and never abuse the privileges that they are given as parliamentarians.If we allow variations in levels of honesty and or compliance whatever the law involved, we are accepting less.We are saying it's ok to be mediocre. Most importantly via complacency, we are condoning bad behaviour and lowering the expectations on all that follows.
People suggest that I am a "birther" which I vehemently deny. I respect people who have chosen Australia as their home.I think it's a wonderful thing immigration it has generally added positive aspects to the Australian way of life. I have no problem with dual citizenship. I only have an issue with noncompliance. If you want to be a politician it is abundantly clear on your application that you must renounce allegiance to other nations. This is a law s44 in our Constitution.
This issue is not going away for Mr Abbott. He can easily put it to bed by producing the document or admitting the breach and facing the consequences. Terri Butler recently wrote to the PM asking him to clear this matter up. Fox News editorial has also discussed it. Well done Derryn Hinch going where MSM fears to tread.

Please help me lift the levels of probity in #auspol to where they should be. You deserve better representation than what you are getting.