Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A generic response from AFP regards s44.1

Yes, I am reporting a Commonwealth crime
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Dear Sir /Madam, I wish to formally complain that the Prime Minister refuses to respond to allegations he has lied to the AEC in relation to his dual citizen status. Not only has he failed to provide renouncement documents. An FOI search has also stated from his office that these documents do not exist.Also adding credence to our belief that he is in breach, Peta Credlin has interfered In two previous FOI requests. Letters have been sent to the Attorney General Mr. Brandis, requesting that this crime be investigated and the documents are tabled in the House of Representatives.Ignoring a crime is an offence in itself. In 4 months we have not had a response from Mr. Brandis Mr. Keenan Mr. Dreyfus Mr. Shorten Mr. Thomson they are all in our eyes complicit in their apathy. If Tony Abbott has made false declarations to the AEC to run for parliament then his earnings and entitlements are proceeds of crime. His 20-year political career has no foundation. The Australian Constitution is and should be the foundation of Australian politics and adherence to its laws isn't optional and must be enforced. We have over 23,000 signatures on change.org of Australian voters wanting this matter addressed. Based on the premise that Mr. Abbott has lied to the AEC prior to running for parliament. His earnings, allowances, and other entitlements are proceeds of crime.To refute this, all he has to do is show that he complied with the Constitution s44.1 by renouncing his UK Citizenship prior to running in 1994. regards Mark Dickenson

Whilst for privacy reasons I cannot provide you with the AFP response.Not mine theirs. I can tell you the response was well past the timeline required. It  also had no signs they were taking the issue seriously. Including the fact they have not made contact to seek any evidence I may have to support my claim. It seems authorities in Australia pick and choose when they look into compliance.Which must bring into question their integrity?