Friday, 27 March 2015

"Don't be scared just #BootBaird "

It's a big day. Election day in NSW. Will the voters give Baird another run? Knowing about #icac the resignations, the corruption. Knowing of the intent Baird has to lease/sell power to China for 99 years ,when it's a genuine revenue raiser. Knowing that he has the intent to cut funding to disabilities services. Knowing his intent to explore #CSG without concern for the environmental impacts.
Living in Victoria I'm not fully across the talent pool in #NSWpol .I'm not across the viability of other candidates. If I lived there I'd make it a priority to investigate. The best candidates for parliament should get the best outcomes.
I hope the people see through the facade. Baird is little more than a polished Abbott. I hope the inaccuracy of polling is displayed today. I hope the people of NSW vote on the issues and #BootBaird.                                            

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