Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hockey no magician just very ordinary!

It is not an illusion not even a magic trick. Federal treasurer Joe Hockey takes his allowance when he stays at his family home in Canberra. This matter requires investigation by the relevant authorities.I assume them to be the AFP. An allowance comes from the taxes we pay. It is to cover expenses of staying away from home. It is not being used by Hockey in this way. He is using it for investment purposes,assuming of course that there is a mortgage which is unproven. It is possible that the property is owned fully.If so where is the cost to Mr Hockey? The home is apparently in three names his wife the major holder Joe and another family member. This matter should be audited. Hockey claims to be compliant with laws claims to believe in transparency. How is investing our money for his personal profit not gaining financial advantage via deception? There is no risk to Mr Hockey at all in this investment,only to the taxpayer.
This doesn't even account for the hypocrisy of Hockey. Using his allowance in this way when claiming the minions need to share the pain moving forward. It sickens me personally that any of our politicians would go down this path. If as Hockey claims in defence. "others are doing it " . They should also be audited and if profiting treated in the same way I hope Joe is by the authorities.
Now eleventy Joe Hockey has been gifted a plum role. He claims it's a privilege to serve us? When is he going to start? He has only ever shown signs of helping himself whenever he can.

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