Sunday, 5 April 2015

What's the deal with #MSM ? #auspol

Hands up if you're perplexed by the standard of our media. If you're gobsmacked by the lack of sincerity on offer in political reporting you are not alone. I found it ironic that the recent laws passed regarding #dataretention were regarded as an attack on the press.Rather than what they were. A gross invasion of privacy and freedom of all Australians. A betrayal of the people by its elected representation.The bleating mumblings of #MSM in general terms were "A what about me?" showing their true colors.

Are they really worthy of protection? They believe themselves to be different to the general population. They aren't of course nor should they be. Since when does write an article, having a radio or television program separate you from the flock? Our media in Australia is dominated by not monopolized a few wealthy people. Those in control affect integrity either via implied fear or direct interference.We are often deprived of the entire story, the truth. Often there is a spin in the story, particularly in #auspol stories. Our media decide what we should know and what we shouldn't. They pick and choose what they report and what remains hidden from scrutiny.
People like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, and Chris Kenny are wheeled out with great regularity on #MSM providing an incredibly biased version of what's actually happening. Rather than reporting what is they report what they believe. They also regularly attack the ABC for providing alternative versions of events. The ABC doesn't compete on equal terms, as it isn't pumped up by political advertising. It isn't a donor to political parties, so it isn't rewarded with favorable policies.

#dataretention is an incredible invasion of our privacy. A breach of trust from our politicians that should not be forgotten come election time. These policies weren't taken to the people. They weren't popular in polling. They don't respect freedom they intrude upon it. Worst of all they don't respect the fact that past generations fought and died protecting these freedoms. The very freedoms our politicians and media failed to protect revere and respect when discussing #dataretention.

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