Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Don't believe what they peddle Australia. #auspol

It's a reality of life that we get old or die trying. Our politicians know this. In Australia we have an aging population. Once upon a time we took care of our elderly . Now it is privatised. Prices are driven up by the year . Forcing people out of their homes and into nursing homes. It isn't that the Govt couldn't afford to provide these services. It's just easier for them not to. Farm out the responsibility sell off the assets until they only have to turn up and show their face.

The process of privatisation in Australia has no positive outcomes for consumers. The government of the day and their predecessors have formed something of a template for this process. They cut service funding until near collapse. Then sell a lucrative business at a greatly reduced value. Usually the sale is done with little transparency.Political benefactors are usually the only winners in the process. Is this corrupt? Of course it is. Problem is the authorities that police corruption have been previously targeted via political appointments,rendering the useless in many cases.

My father is in a nursing home as I type. Much to my chagrin I cannot afford to jump off life's treadmill to prevent this. He is in a large facility. Cost just under 400k for 1 small room with bed & chair with small en suite. A portion of which will be refunded on departure. There are maybe 100 residents. Half have fancier dwellings at greater cost. On top of this they take his pension.Still my mother is billed for other things which eats into her way of life. The government owns this issue their apathy created it. They probably have no concept of the mess they have made.The owners of these facilities are the big winners. At the expense of all others.

Personally I'd like to see our governments take back control of this. Create jobs for people. Try to provide quality services without the necessity to gouging profit. History says this can be done. Can our politicians be bothered?