Monday, 15 June 2015

#auspol People smugglers on the payroll?

It is our reality that our Government and our parliament is dishonest. The Government operates in secrecy. In the past few days news filtered back from Indonesia that people smugglers returned to Indonesia with wads of cash. This will in the coming days be verified as the Indonesian Government is no fan of the Abbott Government. They will be monitoring what's said in and out of parliament before they have a crack so to speak. The reaction from Abbott alone sends flares into the air as far as I'm concerned. I've seen the evasiveness before many times. when he's been confronted about his citizenship & renunciation.
The Abbott Government has little regard for law. They interfere regularly where they shouldn't. For this reason and the  mixed messages from the Minister Peter Dutton this appears to have legs.

How often this has occurred? How much money is involved? Is it legal to offer financial inducements to people smugglers? Is it legal to turn away asylum seekers without processing them? How can somebody seek asylum in Australia if boats are all rejected in such a way? Would you need to get a pilots licence and fly yourself  all whilst fleeing an oppressive regime?

I expect this will all be worked out in the coming weeks. I do wish the authorities would intervene as the human rights aspect of this process has been deplorable for well over a decade. It seems to be hitting new lows under the Abbott Govt although the previous govts have also been clandestine.