Sunday, 12 July 2015

Domestic violence an Australian shame.

We live in a relatively lucky country. Lucky for many. Lucky for some. Whatever the case may be, it  is anything but lucky for the two women per week that die at the hand of a partner or spouse. Yes, that's right 2 per week. Sure it's hidden from the eyes of many.It happens in homes all over the country. It happens to people from all walks of life. It happens in your suburb. Probably in your street. Society doesn't accept this behavior. In fact, it despises it. It isn't nearly as vocal as it should be.
The victims of domestic violence are often so scarred mentally, they live with the fear until it's too late. Partly because they can't see a way out. Often because there are children involved. Also, because the system that taxpayers hope would offer escape isn't nearly sufficient.
Politicians and Government in Australia say all the right things in the media on this issue. The sincerity of this is exposed as fraudulent when you examine the investment of time and money this issue actually receives.
We have a preoccupation with issues that aren't significant in Australia to date. Terrorism receives massive funding and the imbalance of this is frightening. Over 100 women a year die from domestic violence each year. Terrorism has taken 2 this year and the link with terrorism is tenuous at best. It could have easily been attributed to cuts in mental health funding. #auspol must take this issue seriously and invest in safe escape routes for victims of domestic violence.