Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Let's get creative & generate revenue #auspol

I look at the current state of our parliament with lament. Our politicians seem  devoid of ideas and endeavour. The current economic strategy seems to be geared towards reducing the responsibility of Government. This is done by privatisation of assets that once gathered revenue. Often these assets have been systematically gutted to underperform via austerity. This allows Government to sell off assets at a reduced sale price. A highly unethical & common practice of Governments across the globe including Australia.
I was born in 1965,a time when government owned and operated many assets employing a lot of people. Banking,Public Transport, all the utilities Gas ,Electricity & Water. These operated in many instances with success providing huge benefits to communities and generating revenue to supplement the day to day running of the nation.
Modern politicians bemoan the lack of revenue at their disposal. Many of them have been involved in the process that has seen it diminish. This is an indictment on their talent. It's also a window into their lack of comprehension of the workings of an economy.
Given free reign what would I do? I would ban all political advertising for 12 months. Monitoring the impact with care. Depending on the result I would consider extending this. My reason for this is one to save money that doesn't have huge community benefit. Much of this money feeds media moguls,who in turn fund political parties via donations it's a mutual beneficial system that hurts the taxpayer.This money can be better utilised providing services to the community where required. Services like "meals on wheels" "domestic violence refuges" "pbs medicines" that are slow getting approved etc.
Another saving would be cuts to subsidies of mining.I'm not seeing much benefit from our nations resources. I see no reason for funding private enterprise.I get the principle "trickle down economics"  don't think it works.It just pumps up,already huge profits & makes rich people richer. These savings can also be utilised to fund services. These services provide jobs. The also have other hidden community benefits.
I think it would be great to help the community by opening it's own bank. Banks are not being responsible citizens which makes this option a real consideration. Consumers are being gouged by our banks both in housing loans and credit cards. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult for Government to offer competitive rates to re enter this industry. Generating jobs & revenue. Who knows, if this is successful what other areas could looked at. Renewables, mining?