Wednesday, 16 September 2015

MP spending obscene. #auspol

  On the back of  #choppergate, that saw the speaker lose her position.Also a recent trip to Venice by the Attorney general, where he had a lovely luxury gondola ride on our coin. Where he also found time to have a clandestine meeting with Cardinal Pell a required witness in a current Royal Commission into sexual abuse. We have Joe Hockey using his allowance as an investment tool definitely in Canberra and possibly in Cairns. He refuses to respond to the Cairns question. Joe claims others are doing it which I imagine is true. Gauging by the huge MP allowances bill over the past 12 months $506,000,000 in 2015/16  there will be many who have blurred the lines. Many that have broken laws. Many that are unfit for  the office they hold.
This issue needs to be investigated.Fully audited by an independent auditor/umpire with broad powers. The AFP should be able to do much of this. They clearly should not be utilised as they do not appear to be operating as fully independent. I can detail reasons why I believe this is clear. The most blatant are one close to my heart. The Abbott s44.1 breach of the Constitution. There is ample evidence to support the possibility that the former PM has been a dual citizen for the 7 elections he has contested. The AFP have not investigated complaints made by myself and a mate Tony Magrathea. They gave me a generic response out of the legal deadline they operate under. Without any request for evidence I have. Or any request for an interview. There are other examples that would deem them inappropriate in my eyes, that are unrelated to the Abbott case.
It's my perception that many of our statutory authorities  are mere facades.They have been rendered as such over time via political appointments."Jobs for the boys" so to speak.Seems to be the way of the world. This is evident in the three tiers of Government we have in Australia.It's a huge drain on our nation and its efficiency. It appears to be how our politicians want it to be. It seems it is by design.                                          
MPs average allowance bill for a year $2,200,000 that doesn't include salaries and office expenditure. All the flights local and Overseas accommodation meals etc come out of this tab. The huge amounts probably explain why they really don't want scrutiny.
As taxpayers, you are entitled to expect better. You are entitled to expect they will be frugal with the funds you provide. You are currently being treated with disdain by your politicians. Welcome to #auspol