Tuesday, 22 September 2015

#auspol #Senate #Election2016 Only people can decide.

I am like most of the population. I can live with that. I love Australia.I've spent my life here. The people, the culture the diversity.If there's a better place to live I'd like to know where? I have a great family I want them to be able to have the same opportunities and the best possible infrastructure to enable this.                                              

I watch our current crop of MPs and it terrifies me.They seem to have no plan.They seem to have little output. They appear to be having a grand old time at our expense.I know voters are disillusioned by our parliament.
I have family that are impacted by several things.I have a son with Autism. I have a sister with cystic fibrosis.I have a father with a mental illness and dementia.I have an elderly mother. So you can take it for granted I am passionate about these issues. The services available. The fact that these minorities are being failed.Services eroded. The gap widens.They are being left behind thanks to austerity and inept government.
I am also passionate about domestic violence. Because women are dying at the rate of 2 per week which is obscene.Our MPs say the right things for the cameras, yet the reality is they invest over 20 times more in their own allowances, rorting included. This is a seriously complicated issue that requires more funding, not less. It's a national disgrace.
Our government cries poor says we don't have enough resources to pay for these services. Yet they pour billions of dollars into areas like political advertising and mining subsidies.In my eyes, these are fruitless and should be abolished. I question the motives behind this expenditure.The government also ignores the corporate world's lacklustre contribution to society via tax evasion.
I reside in Victoria so if you live elsewhere you're off the hook voting day. I like to think I will be accessible to all Australians. You can follow me on twitter @bugwannostra. I'm going to need all the support I can muster as the major parties have huge advertising budgets and favorable media access. Winning a seat would be fantastic. A real honor to be able to help real people find their voice in our parliament. I truly believe that is what our parliament is for. It should be about you.

                                                                           regards Mark Dickenson