Wednesday, 14 October 2015

#auspol the merry go round must end for MPs

I recently decided to have a go at federal politics as an independent candidate from Victoria I intend to run for the Senate. Apart from the areas I have previously listed as passions. My primary reason for running is concern. Concern for the type of people currently representing us. Concerns for integrity in politics. Concerns for the state of our independent authorities. I want to lift the standards of representation average people have. I want to restore their faith in our systems. I'd like to have truly independent authorities. Our system as is pretends they are yet most of the main players are all politically appointed. Which implies debt at the very least. I am not saying that all political appointees are corrupt or unfit for the roles they hold. I do think there is evidence to suggest relationships run deeper than the public would want or expect.
I think it is important that our MPs are required to meet higher standards than they currently do. I am shocked by the massive amounts of money MPs allowances and travel account for. It should be a priority to have this scrutinised and any inappropriate activities should be punished. We have MPs wining and dining ,investing allowances for personal gain. I find a lot of what is happening to be offensive and in many cases an abuse of trust.
Your taxes the gov't refers to as revenue, should be working for you. Of course MPs need to travel and will incur expenses. 2015/16 the #auspol MP allowances were in excess of 1/2 a billion $. Travelling business class, private jets ,choppers , luxury limousines & luxury gondolas. It's not fair to single out 1 MP or 1 party, it's endemic .There may be exceptions but not many looking at the numbers.
If I'm elected I promise I will be flying economy and there will be no ghost flights on my behalf.
‘For Immediate Release 09/10/15’

“Help Me Help You. The Peoples’ Politician.”

In light of an unstable political landscape in Australia, it’s reassuring to know there’s an aspiring politician on the horizon, that hopes to one day give a voice to those who need to be heard.
His name is Mark Dickenson, a hard working father of three, that like many, is disillusioned by the state of play in Australian politics. His passion is to focus on real issues that affect Australians such as health & support services for the sick, disabled and domestic violence victims just to name a few.
Mr Dickenson is no stranger to adversity himself, having a son with Autism, a sister with Cystic Fibrosis and a father with mental illness and Dementia. These real life experiences have highlighted the need for better support services for minority groups. According to Mr Dickenson, “these groups are being left behind thanks to austerity and an inept government, and the reality that two women are dying in Australia each week as a consequence of domestic violence is unacceptable. It’s time for action, not just words”
The plan is for Mr Dickenson to run for a seat in the Senate at the next  federal election. In the meantime he’ll be spreading the word about what he stands for and expanding his already impressive reach via social media and other media platforms. In his words “winning a seat would be a real honour and privilege. People want a clear plan for the future ad most importantly want to see that plan in action”