Sunday, 18 October 2015

Privatising aged care erodes humanity.

They wouldn't want me too. Selfless providers they were, are. They did everything for me. Fed me clothed me, drove me to sports events. They both actually caddied for me at PGA-sanctioned events. Dad did better than mum, but mum turned out to be far better at golf than dad. I could regale you with further stories from my childhood and formative years but I'll save that for another day.

The real point behind this blog is to let you know how I feel about aged care.Not just my parents. Most people, deserve no have earnt the right to expect they will be revered & learnt from. When I visit my father in the aged care facility and see the register. The no of entries versus the number of  residents it saddens me.
It's not always neglected. Sometimes they have nobody. I imagine many have family who works more than they should make ends meet. I imagine there are some that are estranged. I imagine there are many scenarios I haven't entertained.
I do know this. The Australia I want to be part of respects those that have come before us. I want our elders to be given respect. I'm happy for taxes to go in this direction. I'd rather fund aged care, than MP food accommodation & travel.
Elderly people are being herded into aged care prematurely. I read recently of someone in high care that was denied visitation from family due to concerns of liability. That is not the Australia I want. I get the litigious world we live in yet I think humanity must prevail. God help them if they stop me being with my mum or dad. They will need tasers.