Sunday, 18 October 2015

My take on Adam Goodes.

I've been going to AFL games since I was 7 years old I'm now 49 .When I was young I used to sleep with my footy. Adam Goodes the footballer rates in the best 20 players I've seen play the game. He was awarded the highest individual honour twice during his career.He played great games for the duration of his career.
Adam has done wonderful things for the indigenous community during his career often without attention. He has spoken out appropriately when he has had a forum to do so. I do know that he has always appeared to follow his heart which is an admirable trait. The later stages of his footy career were slightly more erratic than the early years. I can't say for sure but I imagine as the body slows and the mercurial abilities diminish it must be a source of some frustration.
Some of the footy incidents Adam was involved in were damaging to his image in the eyes of average
footy fans. Most were dealt with at the tribunal. The racial vilification on the boundary by a young girl,was in the end as damaging to Adam as it was the young girl. I don't know why Adam chose the girl to highlight this issue that had apparently been his reality over the course of his career. It was I imagine spontaneous. She had crossed the line and said things to Adam that nobody should have said to them.
I can't speak of the impact as I'm not an indigenous man. I have great empathy for their plight.The treatment since white settlement has been deplorable more often than not.
I have always thought that much of the Adam Goodes treatment isn't racially motivated which I know is controversial. I base this on the fact that often Adam plays alongside other indigenous players at most games both with and in opposition.
Adam is an activist advocate the other players are not. Sometimes activists push buttons to get reactions to highlight the cause. I always thought Adam was doing this from time to time. Not ever enough to disenfranchise the people the way they carry on today.
Perhaps there's a little bit of that horrible aussie trait "tall poppy syndrome" at play. I'm not sure but it's a damn shame that people are hounding the man post his football career. To be honest I don't agree with booing it happens at most games. I feel very sorry that a man who has done much much more positive than negative has been harassed in his final years on the field.
I don't know Adam personally. I hope he is able to use his profile for good post his AFL career. The indigenous community need real leaders. Adam has everything he needs to make a go of it should he choose. I hope he does.