Saturday, 31 October 2015

Why #auspol let us down.

We have a system that only allows for one of two options forming government. Both of these choices are riddled with baggage.That's not to suggest the smaller boutique parties and even independent politicians don't have their own. Perhaps I'm an idealist. A government should be driven to create an environment for its citizens to thrive .In my opinion they should also be the safety net for those who fall.
Our government of the day appears to be choreographed by wealthy benefactors.This is reflected in policy funding and focus. The party is quite diverse which causes issues in itself . It isn't conducive to the rise of talent. Many MPs appear to have a role until they choose not to. Unfortunately not based on performance.
The alternative Labor is riddled by the same issues.The diversity of the unions and their varied agendas mean the party's agenda is often unclear. They are more humane than their counterparts. Talent again is an issue. They do tend to be seduced by the trappings of office at the front end.They also appear to have a job for life set up.
People on both sides of the equation with talent have to fight their way through the maze and then try to galvanise what they have around them. A lot of deal brokering and internal fighting follows.

This means that as a people even when we win we usually lose. The same uninspired faces end up in similar roles . We just revolve monotonously from one to the other waiting to be inspired by someone. It would be accidental to get inspiration from the comfort that currently exists.
I would love to see an MP crash through and expose the flaws. In parliament and when appropriate on its steps and in the media. If policy is not good. Thrash about make some noise, highlight it. If another MP misleads parliament, expose it. Table documents ask questions. Push their buttons. Make them answer. It just doesn't happen. That's at the heart of what's wrong. Apart from the neglect of the masses barring election campaigns.