Monday, 9 November 2015

GST slugs those who can least afford it

There are many minorities that are already lagging behind through no fault of their own. Our elderly disabled sick, unemployed mentally ill.Many struggle to survive on what they have. Every case is different. Yet a GST increase will push some gripping on my their fingernails off the edge.                               A revenue tops up for a government that allows so much waste. Our MPs show no signs of restraint. Spending our taxes on themselves travel food accommodation $2 million per head for the past financial year.                    
                         Many of the people who struggle have incomes under $50 Thousand  some are on pensions some have no prospect of holding a job. I heard Eddie McGuire speaking with a politician on the radio while at work.They to me seemed rather flippant regards the necessity for an increase. No disrespect to Eddie but he probably has more in his glove box than these people spend in a year.

                        As those of you who follow me are aware I have a 20-year-old autistic son & 2 older children. My autistic son is in a day program which is partly funded by gov't and 40% of his pension covers the balance. This gives his mum a break during school hours.It allows Dylan to do activities and some community service while supervised. Many carers are on their own. Many can't work as they have too much responsibility providing care. There are so many stories of people isolated by life in Australia. Much of it is directly resulting from poor government decisions over the past 30 years.                         Many of the services that were run by the government have been slashed repeatedly via austerity until dysfunctional.Then sold off at bargain prices via privatisation. This means services once partially self-funded are now profit driven enterprises. The human element doesn't seem to matter.    
                          Depending on what data you believe we have as many as 300,000 homeless in Australia. A GST rise will see that number rise by 50%. What will happen to people with no support from families or carers? We need people who know what it's like to survive on $40,000 a year represented in parliament. We need people with empathy for others making decisions. Our current MPs have no idea.Take a good look at them. Look at what they spend. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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