Sunday, 27 December 2015

Twitter Support regarding Tim Jones account @Fortheleft

Dear Twitter Support,

I have known Tim Jones for well over 12 months.I know him to be a passionate, articulate, politically motivated ,active participant on twitter. Tim has a large following which he worked very hard to cultivate. He was a joint founder of the very same political party that I believe collaborated to get the reaction Tim gave. I understand that Tim's account was cancelled permanently. Due to the provocation which I believe wasn't investigated i feel the penalty imposed on Tim was incredibly unfair. @AusProgressive played their part in this and their account remains active. Tim may have lashed out in response to baiting. I have had dealings with the other parties and they do stir emotions in people by not living up to expectations.
Please consider reinstating or merging Tim's accounts so his followers do not lose touch with him.
My name is Mark Dickenson. I am a Federal Senate candidate from Victoria Australia. My twitter account is @bugwannostra. This letter has been posted to my blog.

                                                            Kind regards Mark Dickenson.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Open letter Daniel Andrews #Vicpol #auspol #WorkSafe #Corruption

Dear Mr Andrews,
I recently went through an investigation with WorkSafe. I was not satisfied with the outcome or the nature of the way the investigation was conducted. I worked for Securency.At the time, they were majority owned by the RBA. They were embroiled in a bribery scandal and were planning to sell the business to limit damage to the RBA. A group of workers, our families the public and countless other contractors were exposed to a carcinogenic nanotechnology fibre that is critical to polymer banknote manufacturer. The board and the administration were aware of the danger of this product via WorkSafe PIN notices some 18 months prior. Yet the exposure continued for the aforementioned. Until I emailed the Managing Director. It was unbeknown to me at the time labelled a whistleblower. The notification wasn't registered on the system nor was the authority notified as the law required. This was damage control and it was effectively endorsed by WorkSafe. 2 of the exposed workers have died of cancer that could easily be contributed to the exposure to this product. Whilst I cannot prove there was an illegal relationship or any bribery.The things that weren't done by the Investigators.The footage that wasn't requested. The documents that were available that weren't seized.The nature of my former employer's behaviour lends itself to my belief that this was what took place.  I was made redundant so I couldn't pursue this issue from inside the business. I had my complaint escalated to the head office of WorkSafe then their investigation was referred to the DPP for review. Charges were not laid although it was acknowledged laws were broken. I am not upset with the DPP they can only review what's in front of them.Yet I feel aggrieved as the flawed investigation is what has prevented me from getting any justice in this matter. I would like to meet with you to discuss this matter as I think the integrity of government authorities should be very important.  Thanks regards  Mark Dickenson

Mr Andrews to date hasn't responded to me directly. A Minister sent me a generic response. Labor seems no different to Liberal regards integrity of their authorities. I have also learnt that my former employer's lawyers are from the same law firm that advises WorkSafe on what should and should not be prosecuted. They also have at least one person on the Board of Directors. They also are paid incentives to minimise successful claims for workers injured. How's that for conflict?
The worst of it is innocent people were exposed to this carcinogen/mutagen for 10 years with no consequence to the perpetrators.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Russian roulette. Lives #HealthWatch @sussanley @CatherineKingMP

My sister Jane has cystic fibrosis she battles bravely.On top of that she has a bug that doesn't respond to conventional therapies. The system and her illness have cornered her. Yet instead of rolling over and giving in she fights. She inspires me to do the same. The system of waiting for medicines & remedies for illnesses in Australia is archaic. It doesn't just apply to cystic fibrosis it hurts sick people right across the nation. It is so cumbersome it diffuses pressure on the system's key stakeholders. It gives Health Ministers & governments excuses they shouldn't have.                                                
Medical trials should be funded & scientifically monitored.Our system forces them into homes of caring people looking for solutions the system hasn't got around to.Good health outcomes actually save peoples lives. They offset other treatments that may have been required.On top of this people that had no hope of being productive in their communities due to bad health,can be .What price do you put on that? It shouldn't always be about dollars and cents.Humanity should be a bigger part of the equation.
 Here’s a snapshot of my sister’s story.     “About 7 years I was given a diagnosis of a chronic lung disease called Bronchiectasis and was told there was no cure. It was devastating news for me as I had always lived a healthy, active lifestyle and never smoked. Then to add to that about two years ago after multiple hospital admissions for lung bleeding and infection my medical team gave me a clinical diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis, a disease usually diagnosed at birth. It has been an uphill battle for me ever sinceand in recent years I have been battling a bug (called Stenotrophomonas) that responds to very few medications, and in my case only one medication. Unfortunately I have developed an allergy to this medication and while it seems to stabilise me, it doesn’t effectively treat the bug. It’s hard to even conceive that in this day and age with all the antibiotics available that I could find  myself in this situation. Rather than give up I am determined to find something that will help me even if it means searching outside the square. About two years ago I heard about a study on pigs with Cystic Fibrosis that were treated with inhaled sodium bicarbonate and the results were very encouraging. The doctor who presented the research seemed very enthusiastic about the potential applications in humans, but his obstacle to getting such a trial off the ground was money. It seemed that pharmaceutical companies were not interested in funding a trial in a product that would not generate money…..good old sodium bicarbonate (or as we know it bicarb soda) The study really resonated with me and I felt compelled to find out more. I contacted researchers in the US who were planning to run human trials. I even registered myself for a trial with the University of Pittsburgh, but my health was not good at the time and I had to suspend my application. With the reality of my situation and there seeming to be no prospects of research of this nature in Australia, I decided to take matters into my own hands and trial the product myself. I chatted with my family and after seeking advice from doctors overseas, who of course couldn’t endorse the use of this product, I decided to give it a go. I am not a risk taker by nature so I didn’t make this decision lightly. I’ve been inhaling sodium bicarbonate in a saline solution for 2 months now and although I cannot prove that my health is stable because of this product I am convinced it is helping me and it needs to be researched further. My dream for the future is that this therapy could be used alongside other therapies currently used to treat Cystic Fibrosis and other respiratory conditions. With no prospect of access to the new lifesaving therapies that cost huge amounts of money in the short term I have been forced to search outside the square. There are other patients facing the same or similar scenarios to me. I worry about young kids in my situation whose future depends on access to lifesaving medications and any other therapies that can improve their quality of life. We need a system that allows timely access to lifesaving medications. Our government and the pharmaceutical companies need to work together to ensure people are not waiting years to access these lifesaving medications. The priority should be lives before profits”.  

A long time ago before corruption of our political system and the authorities that are meant to support its integrity. Things like health weren't optional.People were given the best treatment available.Not based on class or wealth just need. To me as a person humanity must always prevail in decisions.There is a hundred years of history that says we can fund services and live together constructively.There are models of government around the world that work and do so now. We must investigate this post haste. 

Never doubt the love of siblings #HealthWatch please feel free to use the hashtag.

regards Mark Dickenson

Every MP has betrayed this nation. #auspol

The recent revelation that 579 most successful companies haven't paid a zac in taxes for the past financial year is shocking to anyone who understands its significance, They take plenty from our economy and deliver nothing in return. They should be dealt with in a very public way in a very public forum. The humiliation of their brand would probably force a change in direction. Or things like brand #boycotts would suffice.
What disgusts me more than the lack of corporate ethics associated with this, is the failure of governments to highlight it and do anything to remedy it. There isn't an MP in our parliament today that could deny knowledge of these tax evasion issues.What have they been doing about it? I am sure much of the apathy hides further involvement. Corporations donate to political parties across the globe. They sometimes do it in obtuse ways to avoid detection or scrutiny. Subsidiaries with unrecognisable names often make donations. Sometimes Subsidiaries of subsidiaries. The inaction is disgusting.The MPs focus should be representing their electorates. How does ignoring tax evasion meet that criterion? Personally, I don't think there is an MP in parliament that can vindicate their inaction on this issue. Voters should banish them all.
An independent body must investigate the relationships of political donations and prosecute anything untoward. I see little evidence suggest this is happening.