Saturday, 19 December 2015

Every MP has betrayed this nation. #auspol

The recent revelation that 579 most successful companies haven't paid a zac in taxes for the past financial year is shocking to anyone who understands its significance, They take plenty from our economy and deliver nothing in return. They should be dealt with in a very public way in a very public forum. The humiliation of their brand would probably force a change in direction. Or things like brand #boycotts would suffice.
What disgusts me more than the lack of corporate ethics associated with this, is the failure of governments to highlight it and do anything to remedy it. There isn't an MP in our parliament today that could deny knowledge of these tax evasion issues.What have they been doing about it? I am sure much of the apathy hides further involvement. Corporations donate to political parties across the globe. They sometimes do it in obtuse ways to avoid detection or scrutiny. Subsidiaries with unrecognisable names often make donations. Sometimes Subsidiaries of subsidiaries. The inaction is disgusting.The MPs focus should be representing their electorates. How does ignoring tax evasion meet that criterion? Personally, I don't think there is an MP in parliament that can vindicate their inaction on this issue. Voters should banish them all.
An independent body must investigate the relationships of political donations and prosecute anything untoward. I see little evidence suggest this is happening.