Thursday, 24 December 2015

Open letter Daniel Andrews #Vicpol #auspol #WorkSafe #Corruption

Dear Mr Andrews,
I recently went through an investigation with WorkSafe. I was not satisfied with the outcome or the nature of the way the investigation was conducted. I worked for Securency.At the time, they were majority owned by the RBA. They were embroiled in a bribery scandal and were planning to sell the business to limit damage to the RBA. A group of workers, our families the public and countless other contractors were exposed to a carcinogenic nanotechnology fibre that is critical to polymer banknote manufacturer. The board and the administration were aware of the danger of this product via WorkSafe PIN notices some 18 months prior. Yet the exposure continued for the aforementioned. Until I emailed the Managing Director. It was unbeknown to me at the time labelled a whistleblower. The notification wasn't registered on the system nor was the authority notified as the law required. This was damage control and it was effectively endorsed by WorkSafe. 2 of the exposed workers have died of cancer that could easily be contributed to the exposure to this product. Whilst I cannot prove there was an illegal relationship or any bribery.The things that weren't done by the Investigators.The footage that wasn't requested. The documents that were available that weren't seized.The nature of my former employer's behaviour lends itself to my belief that this was what took place.  I was made redundant so I couldn't pursue this issue from inside the business. I had my complaint escalated to the head office of WorkSafe then their investigation was referred to the DPP for review. Charges were not laid although it was acknowledged laws were broken. I am not upset with the DPP they can only review what's in front of them.Yet I feel aggrieved as the flawed investigation is what has prevented me from getting any justice in this matter. I would like to meet with you to discuss this matter as I think the integrity of government authorities should be very important.  Thanks regards  Mark Dickenson

Mr Andrews to date hasn't responded to me directly. A Minister sent me a generic response. Labor seems no different to Liberal regards integrity of their authorities. I have also learnt that my former employer's lawyers are from the same law firm that advises WorkSafe on what should and should not be prosecuted. They also have at least one person on the Board of Directors. They also are paid incentives to minimise successful claims for workers injured. How's that for conflict?
The worst of it is innocent people were exposed to this carcinogen/mutagen for 10 years with no consequence to the perpetrators.

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