Sunday, 27 December 2015

Twitter Support regarding Tim Jones account @Fortheleft

Dear Twitter Support,

I have known Tim Jones for well over 12 months.I know him to be a passionate, articulate, politically motivated ,active participant on twitter. Tim has a large following which he worked very hard to cultivate. He was a joint founder of the very same political party that I believe collaborated to get the reaction Tim gave. I understand that Tim's account was cancelled permanently. Due to the provocation which I believe wasn't investigated i feel the penalty imposed on Tim was incredibly unfair. @AusProgressive played their part in this and their account remains active. Tim may have lashed out in response to baiting. I have had dealings with the other parties and they do stir emotions in people by not living up to expectations.
Please consider reinstating or merging Tim's accounts so his followers do not lose touch with him.
My name is Mark Dickenson. I am a Federal Senate candidate from Victoria Australia. My twitter account is @bugwannostra. This letter has been posted to my blog.

                                                            Kind regards Mark Dickenson.