Tuesday, 12 January 2016

#AFL360 Railroaded by everyone

I love AFL footy I've watched it since I was 4 played it when work permitted until I was 40. The result of the WADA appeal left me gobsmacked. Players given 2 years based on the presumption of guilt. No new evidence this was a review of the ASADA case. How can the result be polar opposite?
This case was never about the welfare of the players. Three years of speculation.Temporarily lifted only to be smashed by an unknown umpire who doesn't have a wonderful record of fairness or impartiality. They generally hammer the accused who has no legal recourse.
What a balls up the ASADA investigation was. They are meant to be independent. How did Essendon know they were coming before they arrived? Who leaked the information to various media outlets during the course of the investigation. What happened to the records of the program? Were there ever any? Were they destroyed? Why if the players asked questions regarding compliance with the WADA code and were subsequently reassured do they have any case to answer?
I am sure the players must be devastated their careers have been cut short in some cases destroyed by this saga. It will be of little consolation they have legal cases against their employer possibly against the AFL & ASADA. I am a Richmond supporter. The way the players from Essendon have carried themselves through this ridiculous investigation has been admirable for young men.