Monday, 25 January 2016

Australia let's do it right.

It isn't possible to walk a mile in the shoes of another. We are all unique yes even identical twins.I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have been indigenous 230 years ago. What our forebears did was as shameful an act of depravity as any before or since. People herded to their deaths of cliffs.Slain raped and pillaged.
I like most Australians have empathy for indigenous people. The failure of our system to properly deal with this issue has seen this culture struggle to find itself,or it's future & truly deal with its past. I do know through family that dealing with trauma is different for every person. This is possibly what makes it a conundrum to resolve amicably.That and a lack of understanding of the legalities of true acknowledgment.
I think Australia must address this issue properly as we become a republic. Acknowledge our past. Owning its reality isn't saying we did it it's simply saying it happened and it was anything but ok. If we can do this via consultation with indigenous elders perhaps we can become the nation we should be. A flag with acknowledgment would be a start of something new for all Australians.
Fixing the issues that see indigenous life expectancies & prison rates significantly worse than averages means we must change our approach. When I look at the panels of people on commissions and used as consultants I am not surprised we are where we are.
I hope ambassadors like Stan Grant & Adam Goodes along with tribal elders and people who have overcome adversity to excel are utilised more when searching for solutions to the massive social and economic issues faced by indigenous Australians.Mainstream culture has similar issues to address which could and should be tackled as well.
Greatness as a nation in my eyes is about unity and social awareness not always about the high achievers.
As a Senate candidate I want the indigenous community to know I am in their corner and will fight for you in parliament if I manage to get there..