Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Australians deserve an answer on corporate welfare.

In light of the fact that many critical services have been slashed and sold off over the last few decades. Australians deserve an answer to a couple of critical questions MPs must answer before the next federal election. How many previous governments including today's have used tax revenue as an excuse? How many governments have slashed services claiming it was necessary? How many governments have rubber stamped corporations paying, little or no tax over the past 3 decades? The Australian worker is footing the bill for everything. Including subsidising corporations in some cases particularly mining in recent times. On the back of this corporate welfare. Many of the nation's assets have been stripped and sold off. Causing costs to the taxpayer to rise securing the very same services that are no longer provided by the government.
This is probably the greatest betrayal of government in our nation's history. There isn't a sitting MP who isn't aware this has been happening. Where are their anger and condemnation? They are a disgrace. They should be stripped of their entitlements & sent to Nauru on a leaky boat.