Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Careful what you wish for. #auspol

TPP & Chafta trade deals that will allow the global form of capitalism to run rampant. Our government in its hunger for the growth of any kind,has thought little of the consequence. I hope these deals never see the numbers pass through our parliament.
If they do they will open the doors to multinationals that will devour competitors with disdain & regularity.Australia is a finite market people will not use more through competition. Existing corporations will go broke. Employees will not be paid out. Shares will collapse impacting retirement funds.The dream of permanent employment will be gone forever. People will be forced to work as casuals through necessity for wages they once turned their noses up at.
Eventually, we will not be the masters of our own fate. If we ever were. I can only imagine how bad the poverty will be and its scale once this has happened. his doesn't even touch on the impact these trade deals will have on small nations. They will be owned through the courts with the legal agreements contained in the deals.
I hope sanity prevails and these agreements are blocked.