Sunday, 28 February 2016

#TaxReform #auspol Much ado about nothing.

From the government perspective, there really isn't much to talk about. Which two and a half years into a three-year term is an indictment in itself. They did put a toe in the water regards GST increase. That was quickly withdrawn before they lost a leg. They've actually been acting more like an opposition than the opposition.
The opposition has unveiled policy on negative  gearing reforms that deal with all new investments post the advertised date. This is not an unreasonable position. It does fail to address the people already heavily invested in this fashion. Whilst that would require laws and a possible staggered or gradual requirement for compliance. In my mind, that would have been the best outcome. Bowen has been quite reasonable from what I've seen explaining the policy and the projected outcome. His opponent the treasurer has struggled with his portfolio. Not unlike his robust predecessor.
Whilst there is no recent evidence to suggest either of these parties has what is required to run this critical area of government with any success. Bowen shows some signs he may make it as a treasurer.
I really hope if they get the gig they have a plan to tackle corporate welfare. It is the biggest issue in tax reform and it rarely gets mentioned. Which is absolutely gobsmackingly incredible