Sunday, 28 February 2016

Workers need protection if you care please share.

On Monday 15/2/2016 labour hire people were informed at an impromptu meeting by the management of Super Retail Group that the company was making a profit-driven decision to change labour-hire companies. This will have the effect of putting existing workers back to the award they are covered by. Should the new agency want their services? This is apparently not the first time companies have manipulated lax laws at the behest of profit. This practice is not illegal yet it is immoral. Particularly when you realise the group driving the decision recorded it greatest profit ever last financial year.

Some of the workers involved have been strung along as casual workers for up to 4 years With no holidays or sick leave and along the way many niggling experiences an employee shouldn't have to put up with.
Super Retail Group recently negotiated an EBA which with reasonable intent would cover these people providing service to them.This agreement is signed off by FWA. There is a clause in this agreement regards casual workers employed by the retail group. They clearly have no intent of utilising this in warehousing. Yet the clause remains redundant as it is. I ask how this could possibly be recognised as bargaining in good faith?
Irrespective of that the Super Retail Group doesn't appear to care for the career progression of these workers. It's been over 4 years since anyone made the leap from casual to permanent.
I call on the people of Australia to send this business a message. Tell them that Australian workers matter. Tell them that consumers have expectations about the way staff is treated and employed in this country. #BoycottSuperRetailGroup #BoycottRays #BoycottBCF #BoycottSupercheapAuto #BoycottRebel #BoycottGoldcrossCycles #BoycottAmartSports

I'm committed to changing laws if elected to the Senate. I will fight to have issues like this taken away from companies that don't have a moral compass. I hope that a boycott will force this organisation to change its ways in this area.
If we just allow big companies to treat Aussie workers like this because we can. We are giving it a green light to continue. Personally, I will never shop at any of these stores again. Unless they address what they've done and refrain from doing it in the future.
This piece is personal to me as it has adversely impacted many workers I care about and consider friends.
I also feel deeply sorry for the labour-hire firm that was also treated shabbily in this process. Many of their workforces have been poached in this process.

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