Tuesday, 29 March 2016

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“Corporate Welfare ….The Elephant In The Room”

While Australia’s biggest corporations manage to evade paying their due taxes, our government continues to cut valuable services to the community in areas such as health and disability that could otherwise be funded if this issue was addressed. Meanwhile, it’s the average Australian taxpayer that carry’s this burden. According to Mr. Dickenson, an Independent candidate for the Senate at the next Federal election “Our political leaders refuse to engage on corporate welfare.“The reality is that of our top  fifteen hundred corporations, five hundred and seventy-nine  pay no tax and the remainder pay between zero and four percent.  Our party leaders are living a lie and have allowed this to flourish. Apathy is no excuse and these corporations need to be held to account as the average Australian taxpayer shouldn’t have to carry the brunt of the burden.”
In an open letter Mr. Dickenson, an unfunded candidate with no political donors, has invited Prime Minister Turnbull and the leader of the opposition Mr. Shorten to engage with him in a public debate on the issue of Corporate Welfare. To date, this invitation remains unanswered.

This issue is clearly of growing concern to the Australian public, as evidenced by a recent social media response to a post shared by Mr. Dickenson on twitter to his eight thousand followers “If corporations paid 10% tax the nation would be in surplus in 2 years. If they had been the last 30 years we'd be earth's richest nation #auspol”  The tweet  received 254 retweets and had an estimated reach of half a million people.                                                               

Friday, 25 March 2016

Solving all problems by tackling the biggest.

Many of the areas of neglect are a direct result of austerity and privatisation. Policies that have funded the neglect of corporate tax evasion. For decades, the major parties have enabled corporations to avoid paying tax in Australia. While the advertised rate of 30% appears high.The reality is of our top 1,500 corporations 579 paid no tax the remainder paid between zero and 4%. They are living a lie and it's being supported by corruption apathy or both from MPs and major parties.
Legislation allowing this is passed and remains. MPs knowing the benefits that these relationships have had no desire to fix this incredible imbalance in Australian taxation.
Taxpayers have been burdened with carrying these corporations while the pillage our nation's resources.
I believe we need a federal ICAC with powers far reaching to clean up this corruption. It explains the resistance of our major parties to the development of such an independent body.
If corporations were forced to pay tax on their true revenue I think this issue could be solved. It would require legislation.
Taxation revenue would rise considerably and that would enable services neglected by governments to be restored to their former glory. From education, health, aged care, disability services and much more                                                

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Vulnerable children must be protected. An open letter to federal & state MPs.

Dear sir/madam,
Imagine having a child or grandchild snatched by a predator. The horror  & devastation of not ever being able to escape the nightmare. William Tyrell's family are living this like many before them. For most of us, understanding empathy and horror for the victims of such crime are a given. Underlying those feelings is a sense of anger & despair at the system that fails time after time to adequately deal with the recidivists committing these crimes against children.
From inadequate laws and penalties to insufficient mandatory monitoring of people with any history of these crimes. All add to the danger for children in the community. They also add to community anger.
People's concerns must be addressed by our MP's at state & federal level. It is the job of MPs to ensure community will. Is set into law. That our judiciary is in no doubt what the communities expectations are.
Pedophiles are reviled by all sections of the community outside their own sick network. Apathetic MPs failing to secure tougher penalties and more rigorous monitoring are failing their electorates.
                        Mark Dickenson.
                        Independent federal Senate candidate.


Friday, 18 March 2016

My main point of difference.

As many of my followers are aware. I am running as an independent Senate candidate from Victoria in the 2016 federal election. Unlike the major parties, I do not intend to do any paid advertising. It would only be like rolling a pebble into an ocean.
I have after discussions with people around me decided to do some crowd funding.The reason I am doing this is to generate interest in my campaign. Also and I believe more importantly It will allow me to make donations to worthy & neglected causes during the course of my campaign. I will enjoy being able to do something positive even if my political endeavours fall short.
Whilst I will be thrilled by any support people wish to give to the campaign. I do not want people to donate unless they can do it without hardship to themselves. If you aren't in a position to help that way. Your retweets and likes of my activity are really appreciated.
Thank you for your support. Let's work together to get community first issues dealt with in parliament.                                                      

federal election 2016 Senate Vic https://www.gofundme.com/rgux7hfk?pc=14_tw_3&rcid=18088364ed6e11e580fbbc764e049a64 via

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Turnbull & Shorten won't engage #auspol

We found out earlier year what I've suspected for some time. 579 of Australia's biggest corporations have paid no tax. The remainder of the top 1500 has paid between 1 & 4 % of what their final taxable revenue figure was. I mention that because the taxable revenue in most cases is about 10% of the total revenue.                                                
This apparently began decades ago. Tax minimisation has been growing to what it is today without any endeavor from governments to reel it in.
I have been campaigning on this aggressively trying to draw attention to it. I have targeted the leaders of both Major parties Malcolm Turnbull & Bill Shorten. Questioning why this topic hasn't been tackled by past and present governments.
For decades, Australia's assets have diminished our services have been slashed on the basis we have not enough revenue. The tax that these corporations should have been paying is the missing link in this puzzle. Taxpayers have been treated like cash cows during this period. Not only are we heavily taxed by three tiers of government. We also subsidize corporations that enjoy the free ride. Car manufacturers were heavily subsidized for decades. The last 25 years  mining corps have been getting a leg up.
Why private enterprise gets money from a society that has the issues we have is mind boggling. We have 300,000 homeless. We have 2 women a week dying from domestic violence. We have a neglected indigenous community with a shocking life expectancy variation to the general populations. There are much more.This is what makes the failure of many governments this one included to address corporate welfare even more abhorrent.
I have fought hard to get acknowledgment from Turnbull Shorten & the mainstream media. I'm starting to be heard. Many are following. I've had a couple of bites on this subject from media. The political leaders ignoring me will backfire. I'm sure I'll get my chance to highlight the shortfalls more and more in the lead-up to the federal election.
I would love to go head to head with both of them. I feel confident they have no answers to this issue. I haven't even touched on the corruption aspect of this. I believe it is both real huge and a massive betrayal of all  Australians.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

If it looks like corruption. Smells like it. It might just be.

There're a few reasons this just doesn't look above board. Five of Australia's wealthiest people. Some of whom have very close ties to the Liberal Party if not all of them. Brett Blundy Gina Rinehart Kerry Stokes Gerry Harvey & Andrew Forrest have all developed a sudden interest very late in life, in dairy farming. What a coincidence or is it?These people have been buying up dairy farms with almost blind faith that it's a great time for dairy. Why?
#TPP #Chafta trade agreements signed by our govt. The discussions of stakeholders should be secret. So how do our wealthy Aussies know that China needs milk & milk products?
If I owned a dairy and sold it to somebody who had information supplied by a government Minister who had information of China's special needs, I'd be pretty angry. That is quite a credible belief based on what's transpired and the timing.
The mathematical probability this is au fait is .0326% . I look forward to the investigation. I hope they use #dataretention and phone records. The timing of the resignation of the Trade Minister is interesting. It will be interesting to see where he pops up post #auspol.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

#homeless neglect we all own

Much to my chagrin we have around 300 thousand homeless in Australia. This is an indictment not only of our government also all of our MPs and yes our society. Our homeless come from many places. Most of which are policy driven. When a govt cuts a service the number increase as a result. Peoples hold on the treadmill of life is genuinely that precarious.
Low-income workers are generally only a paycheque or two away from poverty. Job loss or even a pay cut are enough to put some onto the streets.
Poor life choices can also be a catalyst.I tend to think the banality of life is a far greater contributor to this problem. Drug dependency escalates like a freight train until normality is nigh impossible.Cuts to mental health services add to the drug problems and fill public hospital wards. Services for rehabilitation reduced via austerity, also add to the numbers.                        
Domestic violence contributes over one-third of 300k.Many live on the run. Making it difficult to both escape the dilemma and access services.
Why isn't this national disgrace a priority of government? Why aren't our MPs more vocal regards the neglect? How can media & people allow the apathy displayed by our politicians?

Monday, 7 March 2016

Open letter to ANZ Bank Board regards loans to Hazlewood Power Station

Dear Mr Elliott and the Board of ANZ,

I was shocked to hear that ANZ has been providing loans to Hazelwood Power Station.

I am encouraged by ANZ’s statement that it will be a “responsible and sustainable business” and that you will play your part in supporting “the transition to a decarbonised economy”, but you cannot meet your own standards if you continue to lend money to the most polluting power station in the developed world.

The transition to a decarbonised economy needs to start with the phase-out of power stations like Hazelwood.

Aside from its impact on global warming, Hazelwood was also responsible for the terrible fire in its coal mine in 2014 that choked an entire region. Hazelwood’s profitability is falling, maintenance and rehabilitation costs are increasing, and it is facing the threat of multiple court cases as a result of the toxic mine fire.

The expiration of this loan is ANZ’s opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to being a responsible and sustainable business, by ending your association with one of Australia’s biggest polluters. I ask you to publicly rule out refinancing your loan to Hazelwood Power Station.

As a Senate Candidate running in the 2016 Federal Election From the State of Victoria. It distresses me that the Board of one of Australia's largest Banks doesn't appear to have a high regard for the air your customers inhale.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Dickenson
Melbourne VIC,