Sunday, 13 March 2016

#homeless neglect we all own

Much to my chagrin we have around 300 thousand homeless in Australia. This is an indictment not only of our government also all of our MPs and yes our society. Our homeless come from many places. Most of which are policy driven. When a govt cuts a service the number increase as a result. Peoples hold on the treadmill of life is genuinely that precarious.
Low-income workers are generally only a paycheque or two away from poverty. Job loss or even a pay cut are enough to put some onto the streets.
Poor life choices can also be a catalyst.I tend to think the banality of life is a far greater contributor to this problem. Drug dependency escalates like a freight train until normality is nigh impossible.Cuts to mental health services add to the drug problems and fill public hospital wards. Services for rehabilitation reduced via austerity, also add to the numbers.                        
Domestic violence contributes over one-third of 300k.Many live on the run. Making it difficult to both escape the dilemma and access services.
Why isn't this national disgrace a priority of government? Why aren't our MPs more vocal regards the neglect? How can media & people allow the apathy displayed by our politicians?