Tuesday, 15 March 2016

If it looks like corruption. Smells like it. It might just be.

There're a few reasons this just doesn't look above board. Five of Australia's wealthiest people. Some of whom have very close ties to the Liberal Party if not all of them. Brett Blundy Gina Rinehart Kerry Stokes Gerry Harvey & Andrew Forrest have all developed a sudden interest very late in life, in dairy farming. What a coincidence or is it?These people have been buying up dairy farms with almost blind faith that it's a great time for dairy. Why?
#TPP #Chafta trade agreements signed by our govt. The discussions of stakeholders should be secret. So how do our wealthy Aussies know that China needs milk & milk products?
If I owned a dairy and sold it to somebody who had information supplied by a government Minister who had information of China's special needs, I'd be pretty angry. That is quite a credible belief based on what's transpired and the timing.
The mathematical probability this is au fait is .0326% . I look forward to the investigation. I hope they use #dataretention and phone records. The timing of the resignation of the Trade Minister is interesting. It will be interesting to see where he pops up post #auspol.

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