Tuesday, 29 March 2016

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For Immediate Release

“Corporate Welfare ….The Elephant In The Room”

While Australia’s biggest corporations manage to evade paying their due taxes, our government continues to cut valuable services to the community in areas such as health and disability that could otherwise be funded if this issue was addressed. Meanwhile, it’s the average Australian taxpayer that carry’s this burden. According to Mr. Dickenson, an Independent candidate for the Senate at the next Federal election “Our political leaders refuse to engage on corporate welfare.“The reality is that of our top  fifteen hundred corporations, five hundred and seventy-nine  pay no tax and the remainder pay between zero and four percent.  Our party leaders are living a lie and have allowed this to flourish. Apathy is no excuse and these corporations need to be held to account as the average Australian taxpayer shouldn’t have to carry the brunt of the burden.”
In an open letter Mr. Dickenson, an unfunded candidate with no political donors, has invited Prime Minister Turnbull and the leader of the opposition Mr. Shorten to engage with him in a public debate on the issue of Corporate Welfare. To date, this invitation remains unanswered.

This issue is clearly of growing concern to the Australian public, as evidenced by a recent social media response to a post shared by Mr. Dickenson on twitter to his eight thousand followers “If corporations paid 10% tax the nation would be in surplus in 2 years. If they had been the last 30 years we'd be earth's richest nation #auspol”  The tweet  received 254 retweets and had an estimated reach of half a million people.