Friday, 18 March 2016

My main point of difference.

As many of my followers are aware. I am running as an independent Senate candidate from Victoria in the 2016 federal election. Unlike the major parties, I do not intend to do any paid advertising. It would only be like rolling a pebble into an ocean.
I have after discussions with people around me decided to do some crowd funding.The reason I am doing this is to generate interest in my campaign. Also and I believe more importantly It will allow me to make donations to worthy & neglected causes during the course of my campaign. I will enjoy being able to do something positive even if my political endeavours fall short.
Whilst I will be thrilled by any support people wish to give to the campaign. I do not want people to donate unless they can do it without hardship to themselves. If you aren't in a position to help that way. Your retweets and likes of my activity are really appreciated.
Thank you for your support. Let's work together to get community first issues dealt with in parliament.                                                      

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