Monday, 7 March 2016

Open letter to ANZ Bank Board regards loans to Hazlewood Power Station

Dear Mr Elliott and the Board of ANZ,

I was shocked to hear that ANZ has been providing loans to Hazelwood Power Station.

I am encouraged by ANZ’s statement that it will be a “responsible and sustainable business” and that you will play your part in supporting “the transition to a decarbonised economy”, but you cannot meet your own standards if you continue to lend money to the most polluting power station in the developed world.

The transition to a decarbonised economy needs to start with the phase-out of power stations like Hazelwood.

Aside from its impact on global warming, Hazelwood was also responsible for the terrible fire in its coal mine in 2014 that choked an entire region. Hazelwood’s profitability is falling, maintenance and rehabilitation costs are increasing, and it is facing the threat of multiple court cases as a result of the toxic mine fire.

The expiration of this loan is ANZ’s opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to being a responsible and sustainable business, by ending your association with one of Australia’s biggest polluters. I ask you to publicly rule out refinancing your loan to Hazelwood Power Station.

As a Senate Candidate running in the 2016 Federal Election From the State of Victoria. It distresses me that the Board of one of Australia's largest Banks doesn't appear to have a high regard for the air your customers inhale.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Dickenson
Melbourne VIC,