Friday, 25 March 2016

Solving all problems by tackling the biggest.

Many of the areas of neglect are a direct result of austerity and privatisation. Policies that have funded the neglect of corporate tax evasion. For decades, the major parties have enabled corporations to avoid paying tax in Australia. While the advertised rate of 30% appears high.The reality is of our top 1,500 corporations 579 paid no tax the remainder paid between zero and 4%. They are living a lie and it's being supported by corruption apathy or both from MPs and major parties.
Legislation allowing this is passed and remains. MPs knowing the benefits that these relationships have had no desire to fix this incredible imbalance in Australian taxation.
Taxpayers have been burdened with carrying these corporations while the pillage our nation's resources.
I believe we need a federal ICAC with powers far reaching to clean up this corruption. It explains the resistance of our major parties to the development of such an independent body.
If corporations were forced to pay tax on their true revenue I think this issue could be solved. It would require legislation.
Taxation revenue would rise considerably and that would enable services neglected by governments to be restored to their former glory. From education, health, aged care, disability services and much more