Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Turnbull & Shorten won't engage #auspol

We found out earlier year what I've suspected for some time. 579 of Australia's biggest corporations have paid no tax. The remainder of the top 1500 has paid between 1 & 4 % of what their final taxable revenue figure was. I mention that because the taxable revenue in most cases is about 10% of the total revenue.                                                
This apparently began decades ago. Tax minimisation has been growing to what it is today without any endeavor from governments to reel it in.
I have been campaigning on this aggressively trying to draw attention to it. I have targeted the leaders of both Major parties Malcolm Turnbull & Bill Shorten. Questioning why this topic hasn't been tackled by past and present governments.
For decades, Australia's assets have diminished our services have been slashed on the basis we have not enough revenue. The tax that these corporations should have been paying is the missing link in this puzzle. Taxpayers have been treated like cash cows during this period. Not only are we heavily taxed by three tiers of government. We also subsidize corporations that enjoy the free ride. Car manufacturers were heavily subsidized for decades. The last 25 years  mining corps have been getting a leg up.
Why private enterprise gets money from a society that has the issues we have is mind boggling. We have 300,000 homeless. We have 2 women a week dying from domestic violence. We have a neglected indigenous community with a shocking life expectancy variation to the general populations. There are much more.This is what makes the failure of many governments this one included to address corporate welfare even more abhorrent.
I have fought hard to get acknowledgment from Turnbull Shorten & the mainstream media. I'm starting to be heard. Many are following. I've had a couple of bites on this subject from media. The political leaders ignoring me will backfire. I'm sure I'll get my chance to highlight the shortfalls more and more in the lead-up to the federal election.
I would love to go head to head with both of them. I feel confident they have no answers to this issue. I haven't even touched on the corruption aspect of this. I believe it is both real huge and a massive betrayal of all  Australians.