Saturday, 19 March 2016

Vulnerable children must be protected. An open letter to federal & state MPs.

Dear sir/madam,
Imagine having a child or grandchild snatched by a predator. The horror  & devastation of not ever being able to escape the nightmare. William Tyrell's family are living this like many before them. For most of us, understanding empathy and horror for the victims of such crime are a given. Underlying those feelings is a sense of anger & despair at the system that fails time after time to adequately deal with the recidivists committing these crimes against children.
From inadequate laws and penalties to insufficient mandatory monitoring of people with any history of these crimes. All add to the danger for children in the community. They also add to community anger.
People's concerns must be addressed by our MP's at state & federal level. It is the job of MPs to ensure community will. Is set into law. That our judiciary is in no doubt what the communities expectations are.
Pedophiles are reviled by all sections of the community outside their own sick network. Apathetic MPs failing to secure tougher penalties and more rigorous monitoring are failing their electorates.
                        Mark Dickenson.
                        Independent federal Senate candidate.