Thursday, 2 June 2016


‘For Immediate Release 2/6/16’

“A Political Candidate With A Social Conscience”

In an unprecedented step to regain voter confidence, an aspiring Senate candidate named Mark Dickenson is engaging the community as never before.

With a growing presence on social media and other media platforms, he actively engages his audience and is unafraid to answer the hard questions.  
In a recent TV interview, Keith Sutherland, host of the program “The Pointy End” (IPTV Bendigo) described Mark as “a passionate person that has a social conscience and it’s that sort of politician we need in parliament”

Mark, a hard working father of three, like many, is disillusioned about the state of play in Australian Politics. His passion is to focus on real issues that affect everyday Australians such as health and support services for the sick, disabled and domestic violence victims just to name a few. According to Mr. Dickenson “Our members of parliament are failing us. Most are out of touch with the average person. I’m one of you not one of them. I want to focus on real issues that matter and actively engage with those affected”

Between now and the election Mr.
Dickenson plans to keep spreading the word about what he stands for and talking to people about what matters to them. In his words “winning a seat in the Senate would be a real honour and privilege. People have a right to a clear plan for the future and most importantly should see that plan in action”.

Mark Dickenson can be contacted for interviews 

Link to IPTV Interview:
Twitter: @bugwannostra