Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Australian politics needs ears.

When I ran for federal parliament. I knew it was going to be difficult to generate enough attention to stimulate success. Having great positions on issues is only part of the equation. I had no concerns about the timing. I knew the electorate were pissed off with our major parties. It would be very difficult to imagine how anyone watching would not be. On this front, I was spot on. The electorate has abandoned the major parties in record numbers. It has caused havoc in the Senate. The major parties are captives of their benefactors & the people can see it. This result is their reaction. Reporting on this hasn't been great. I did think independents would do better on the back of this. My reasons for believing this were the failed Palmer United experience and the ambiguity displayed by the Greens. I was wrong about who voters woud turn to. They chose the high media profile parties Xenaphon, Hanson Lambie & Hinch. They may not be the best candidates in all cases but they all get a massive leg up in the media. Not like the major parties of course.

I have no idea who the parties get advice from. Clearly, they need to rethink it. You need to engage with people. You need to act responsibly in parliament. You need to be better with how you manage the nation's resources. From MP expenditure to huge government contracts & everything in between.I think this is getting very close to a tipping point in Australia. If the Major parties don't respond they are dead in the water.
It's going to be very interesting to see how all of this works in the coming months.