Sunday, 10 July 2016

Corruption runs deep

I have a lot of respect for real journalists like Michael West. He's probably discovering first-hand what it's like to be a whistleblower in the modern landscape. The story Michael has clearly been targeted over is globally significant. It exposes the fringes of true organised crime. This story threatens the modern economy and the 1% that truly govern it. It is a gutsy thing to poke a bear like this. This runs to the highest levels of government around the world. It is the underbelly of plutocracy.

I knew two of the players In Michael's story before I read it. I've seen KPMG operate up close. They were called in by the board of Securency the dodgy RBA subsidiary with high-level links deeply rooted in the RBA. Post getting caught bribing overseas officials for lucrative banknote contracts KPMG were called to assist cleaning shop. From what I saw KPMG put things in place so Securency was less transparent, not more open & better behaved. That's my opinion I'm sure they'd put a different spin on it.
I have no doubt that everything Michael wrote about is true. I'm also quite sure these issues are at epidemic levels in the developed world. Corruption follows money where ever it goes. This story leads to the stratosphere. They are seemingly untouchable. Protected by lawyers politicians and fancy accounting firms. The sad reality of all this. Is the human cost that results. The world's riches only go so far.                                                            
Fixing issues like this will take political courage and genuine relentless determined policing by truly independent authorities with a lot of skill & courage. Where you find that I don't know. It does make you wonder about the sincerity of politicians when they reject things like an independent federal ICAC in Australia. If anything it adds weight to my belief they're complicit.

It's pretty clear that ordinary people around the world are being stitched up systematically with political assistance. The sacking of a true journalist. Shows the powers that be don't want unsanitized news in the public eye.