Saturday, 9 July 2016

Dutton above the law?

Whatever is going on behind the barb wire fences? Whoever, these people are?  This facility is real as I saw it being constructed. It is on the old Broadmeadows Maygar Army barracks site. Where a golf course once was. Only meters away from businesses on Northcorp boulevarde. I've been told twice by different sources that this facility houses asylum seekers the govt considers high risk. Whether or not this is an accurate description of the inmates is difficult to confirm. Most issues that involve asylum are considered off limits by our Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. Probably in an endeavour to protect himself and his government from prosecution. It is not a surprise this govt is using an American model of captivity. This government has a long history of  kowtowing to the USA. This is indisputable and has rarely led to anything that is of benefit.

This camp is apparently operating in Australia without recognising our laws or complying with their requirements. They are allegedly holding people Indefinitely as the govt does on Nauru & Manus Island. They are not and have no intention of being an open or honest government. The media it seems has no intention of calling them out on it either.

I wonder how many more of these facilities are scattered around Australia?