Monday, 4 July 2016

Get rid of corruption.

When they give me something positive to write about I will dance for joy. It isn't just the government on this occasion. It's the system itself. The machinations of politics and the reliance on its surrounds. Our political system poisons itself deliberately. They appoint people with agendas. People with past associations that imply they are compromised yet our political leaders don't bat an eyelid pulling the trigger. When they actually have a person performing their role, the immediate response is to scuttle & remove them. The most blatant recent issues that highlight this would be the attack on "Gillian Triggs" and the issues with the NBN coverup at our independent broadcaster ABC and subsequent board appointment. Even if these things are above board. To the naked eye with little scrutiny, they appear as dodgy as hell. When things got a little crazy with the TURC Royal Commission it took me 3 minutes on a laptop to establish several anomalies that would scuttle a steam liners integrity. Weeks before calling the double dissolution the govt made over 100 appointments. They did this to further scuttle integrity as insurance. Just in case they lost the keys to the lodge. Where does this end? What wouldn't these people do? How long are the people of Australia going to be kept at arms length from the truth? Some of it may not be corruption. Much of it is. The perception from afar is it is rampant.

The media are compromised as they benefit from massive advertising campaigns that fill the pockets of media moguls. The independents live in fear of funding cuts. This too appears as dodgy as hell and impacts content dramatically. You only need to spend an evening perusing social media news to see the varied content.

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