Sunday, 3 July 2016

Gone but never forgotten. RIP. Josh

My beautiful cousin has fought to keep her son for around 8 years. He was battling his demons. Not by design just genetics I suppose. I know my father has bipolar & there are traces of this without the fancy label scattered throughout the family tree. I don't doubt there is a link with this & the autism my son Dylan has.
Last week was Josh's funeral. Tragically the young man couldn't see a way out. It wasn't because he wasn't loved enough. Proven by the beautiful service & tears in grown mens eyes, myself included. My cousin Simone spoke beautifully about Josh. She found words of meaning in incredible adversity. Never lost for words generally, I watched in awe as she detailed the journey of his life. Nothing was taboo most was wonderful. In all the devastation of the moment. I don't remember ever being so proud of anyone in my family. A family that I hold in very high regard. I'm biased undoubtedly.

The thing that riled me apart from the loss & the pain was something Simone touched on in her speech. Post josh's death Simone had discovered Josh had several failed attempts to reach out online.
I haven't asked what organisations. I am sure that they all struggle for govt funds. Those cuts to mental health that MPs make with the stroke of a pen have a consequence. The end game is the phones or facebook page or twitter sites were not manned when young Josh needed them. Nothing can change what was or what could have been for Simone or my kinfolk.
I am sure that we can change our approach to ensure that we do properly fund these resources so that the next person reaching out is given the chance to find a way back from the edge. I have long been against austerity for its adverse impact on humanity. This just makes it personal.

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