Monday, 18 July 2016

I spent the day just watching Cosmo

Today was a bit of a strange one. My wife was out all day. My son Dylan was off to Autism plus. How would I fill the day? No campaigning. No reading up on what I needed to know if the media came knocking. I made my breakfast and contemplated what may happen I took my coffee and toast outside and sat on the back step as my dog Cosmo bounced around. Trying feverishly to knock off my toast.
Cosmo is a Jack Russell with undiagnosed  & unmedicated ADHD who the family loves dearly. Although every time my takes him for a walk she does mention the female version of Cosmo we left behind at the Lost Dogs Home.
Anyway back to breakfast, I shared more than a few morsels  with my little mate. Once he realised the plate was empty he went about his usual rituals. Chasing one miner bird away from his bowl of food only for another miner bird to swoop down for a bite. Cosmo went from one bird to the other for almost an hour. I'm not sure who was sillier Cosmo for chasing relentlessly or me for being entertained by it.
For any normal dog, this would have been enough. Not Cosmo. Realising I was still watching he decided to do some sort of bizarre territorial ritual usually reserved for my mate Mick Smith. Cosmo started barking aggressively at his water bucket. Then he proceeded to straddle the bucket with his front legs. Growling as he nuzzled the water splashing with his front legs. Soon what was a full bucket was about half full. Cosmo was drenched and the remaining water in his bucket was an unappetising Jack Russell soup not fit for human consumption.