Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Government neglect owns this baby.

Just when you think you've seen it all in Australia another grenade lands in the room. Last night I watched 4 Corners which isn't a habit. I saw & was shocked by what was happening in youth detention centres in the Northern Territory. Not only was this abuse happening under the watch of government contractors. The government had legislated to make it a reality.

I've seen footage like this before but it wasn't in Australia. It was Guantanamo Bay. It makes you wonder what is happening at the government endorsed facilities on Nauru & Manus Island. I do believe there is evidence to suggest the federal government has plenty to hide.

The response has been predictable today shock, dismay & outright damnation. Calls for a Royal Commission from both major parties. Even though we have had several indigenous Royal Commissions & one into institutional abuse that would surely cover much of what happened at Dondale.                                                    

The core of this issue is the victims. They are criminals. They are kids. They are generally born into this system with a minuscule chance of escape. Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory & Western Australia are used to this cycle. It is happening now in the broader Australian community through neglect & a generational reliance on welfare.