Monday, 4 July 2016

Shallow Mal.

Malcolm Turnbull is the man who has everything. He was the man stood for something. He now will be remembered as the man who ran with nothing. When Malcolm became Prime Minister. He was more concerned with his own survival. He forgot why he resonated with the public.
Malcolm wasn't popular with Aussies because he was filthy rich. Which he is. It wasn't because he was a man's man. He was popular because he spoke freely on things that mattered. He did so when the sheep & nutters in his party had no position or just an ignorant one. Issues like climate change, marriage equality, employment & investment. He was seen as the great hope if personal popularity has any bearing on politics.
When Turnbull took the poison chalice from his predecessor he had an unassailable lead. Perhaps it was that that led to the complacency of his campaign. It wasn't Bill Shorten's brilliance that has us in limbo politically in Australia. It was Malcolm's failure to run with who he was. He ran like a slave to the factions of his party.  It would appear from the outside he made deals with the drongos to get the gig.
Instead of running with what he believe he ran with a slogan "jobs & growth". This was a  flimsy platform. Since 2013 unemployment had risen by 50,000. If you accept the doctored figures the system provides. There was real evidence that people were losing permanent employment at a rapid rate over the past 3 years. Casualisation of the workforce was evolving to record levels. Low & middle-income earners were the targets. It was never a good call to run with this as a strength.
The other issue that didn't help Turnbull was Medicare. The Liberals have been scuttling it for decades. The neo-liberalism over the last 40 years makes it hard for them to plead innocence. They'd privatise their mothers if there was money in it. Shorten only had to sew the seed of doubt. It is like killing Bambi in the eyes of most Australians.
I don't see how Turnbull can survive such a debacle. His only saving grace is the talent behind him is all, virtual reality. Nobody of substance.

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