Sunday, 3 July 2016

More good than bad.

Whilst I'm really pleased with what we achieved in a short amount of time. I am a little disappointed that we didn't find a way to reach a bigger audience. It wasn't like we didn't try. We did various media releases over an 18 month period. I tried to reach out to various organisations I felt were a good fit for my social awareness, fairness theme. None of it played out the way we wanted. It has left me more than a tad cynical about the sincerity & fairness of our political system.

I built an audience on social media that gave me a sense that what I stood for mattered to people. Issues like political integrity, corruption, elite & corporate tax minimisation political advertising & donations all issues that people have clear concerns about.
On top of this social issues, that austerity is cultivating in Australia. Homelessness, mental health, pensions, welfare, Medicare, sick, elderly & low & middle-income workers all were issues that people related to, or at least cared about.
I was in a hurry to matter. My passion for the things that I see wrong in society while motivating me. Didn't allow me to be objective about what I was taking on. I guess my emotion while sometimes a real asset on this occasion consumed my focus to a point where it wasn't. Had I been more clinical I would have found a better way to run for the Senate. I got my fair whack at the polls as a result. I did at one stage contemplate running as a grouped independent above the line. I'm sure that is probably the better alternative yet even that wouldn't have been successful without acknowledgement of mainstream media. Parties seem to be a better way yet incredibly messy & difficult to control  in terms of personalities & content.
I think I need to let the dust settle on the experience before deciding what to do next.

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