Monday, 18 July 2016

#qanda We don't have constructive debate.

The division in opinion is obvious. It is the division & the personal baggage that destroys constructive debate. Pauline Hanson v Sam Dastyari & the blonde woman who's name escape me. It seemed more about political point scoring or a grab for empathy share as an observer. Meanwhile back in society this issue and many others ferment.
Sam's upbringing and his success are a great Australian story. I just don't think it adds anything to what's happening in the nation or around the world. I'm sure it matters to Sam. I reckon we need to be a little more open to hearing about others if we are to go anywhere near addressing why young people are so open to becoming radicalised. I also wonder just how serious the issue is in Australia. We are not informed by the government about such matters. This enables them to manipulate the fear & division this generates for political gain.
Many young Australians are not engaged in their lives or society. Why is that? As an observer, I think it comes from the treadmill of life. The humble offerings to somebody just starting off in Australia aren't that flash. Get a great education with the debt attached. Graduate with honours and work in a warehouse as a casual on very low wages while you hunt for that elusive role.
I believe most of these issues are driven by govt failure & neglect. I'm pretty consistent on that position. The huge focus on corporate growth costs humanity. We can see the adverse results around the world of nations further down this road, yet our government ignores the fact for apparent selfish means.                                                            
The existence of Australian government endorsed prisons without trials surely only adds to a threat of disenfranchised angry people that will ultimately have freedom. Walk a mile in their shoes. Imagine how that feels. How will that play out in the future?

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