Monday, 11 July 2016

Steve Price you goose. Don't distract us.

Tonight I sat up and watched qanda as I often do. It really didn't do much for me until they touched on domestic violence. It got rather heated. Ms. Vanbadham who blocks me on twitter had the moral high ground. Steve Price played the Villian. I think Eddie Sam & all the crew from this story had a foot in mouth. Having said that It's a stretch to liken the banter "ill-informed" as it was to a  partner killing their partner. I do agree that anyone raising a hand to anyone or worse is just wrong. I think that this area has been attacked by austerity when a progressive government would have invested. I hate the fact that one woman a week at least has died a premature death. Leaving children without parents. Families without loved ones. Lives forever scarred.
Now the circus that was on qanda, pisses me off. Steve Price should be ashamed of himself putting his own ego in front of the issue. Ms. Vanbadam did a pretty fair job of representing aspects of the issue. The biggest issue was missed in the crap & not for the first time.
Our government invested $100 million in domestic violence which to average Aussies sounds like a poultice. Let's give it some perspective. Our federal MPs spent 20 times that on themselves in the same period. During this year 1, MP died of natural causes over 60 women died . Apart from what this says about the sincerity of our MPs it also highlights what a disgraceful offering $100 million is.