Sunday, 31 July 2016

Turnbull remains a fizza.

I keep seeing stories from the media of Malcolm Turnbull's brilliance. Since he has become Prime Minister he has done nothing to support these scribes. First, there was the tax reform announcement that lifted the nation's expectations for less than 24 hours. Only to be shot down by State Premier's lack of support of Turnbull's bizarre ambitions.
Then we have the issue of the plebiscite that he will push on with knowing that his party will only support its outcome should it show the result the right wingers want. This shows how weak Turnbull's grasp on power is. The fact that he is willing to support spending $160 million in this fashion shows his lack of respect for the nation's resources.
If Turnbull was what he was cast as by the media, he would run his own race. He is merely a facade. His ability to back the right horse in a limited field is non-existent. He made Joe Hockey USA Ambassador after a stint as Australia's worst treasurer on record. Doubling the nation's debt in record time. During this time he also showed a clear lack of diplomacy required for the role he was gifted by Turnbull.                                                  
Then there was the dubious appointment of former Newscorp employee to the ABC. Surely there is a broader talent pool on offer than to pick from that well. Particularly when it is critical with the media domination of a couple of moguls that the ABC & SBS be seen as truly independent.
Then on the back of an ABC 4Corners episode, he announced a Royal Commission which was broadly lauded by media. Yet it was not well executed. The issue exposed, how poorly both our State's & federal government's grasp of community expectations is. The Turnbull government doesn't appear to have a great awareness of youth detention around Australia. In spite of it being reported both in media & via human rights watch. The Royal Commission has been limited to the Northern Territory when the federal government knows that other State governments have issues in this area. He has cherry picked a commissioner, Brian Martin that with any scrutiny will be faced with the same questions that haunted Dyson Heydon in the Trade Union Royal Commission. In a way, I am pleased as it highlights the nepotism that political appointments encourage. The indigenous people who are adversely affected appear not to have been consulted with much thought.
I think the Royal Commission is actually a bit of a political cop-out. We've already had Royal Commissions into Institutional child abuse & indigenous deaths in custody. What of the lessons learned from these? How many findings were ignored? How many recommendations were never implemented? If Turnbull isn't across this his attorney general & relevant Ministers should be briefing him.
It's only a matter of time before this goose is cooked. I think he's simmering. Who will devour him from the limited offerings is anyone's guess.