Thursday, 7 July 2016

Why One Nation?

To me, this is pretty simple. I'm sure there is an element of racism in it. The size of the vote this party received suggests that it's more. Around 7% of the nation's vote, went to a party with a discredited leader & unknown candidates. Sure Pauline Hanson gets regular media in Australia. Prime-time live crosses on television & radio around Australia have kept her brand alive. Even that is no explanation for a result such as this.                          
I think the reason for the massive exodus from our mainstream parties is explained in the budget and the austerity measures over the past three years. It also reflects the anger in Australia of the neglect of the people already here for the people that want to be. The focus on asylum seekers in the media when we have over 105,000 people homeless pisses off many Australians. For all the rhetoric during the past 3 years, the irony of a "jobs & growth" theme also drove voters mad. Since 2013 the definition of employed has been watered down. Still, there is a 50,000 rise in the numbers. The amount of permanent roles being culled for casualised roles is frightening. Then there's 457 visa's being given to foreign workers like nightclub drink cards in the 80s. We have had 3 years of University & TAFE graduates with no jobs to go to. We have ignorant major parties in love with their donors.
To be honest I'm surprised the exodus from both major parties wasn't higher. They are out of touch. They park useless candidates that haven't performed in safe seats that they could sleep in unchallenged. If there was another election next week, this wouldn't change. That is the reason this pattern will only grow.
  It wasn't just Pauline Hanson's One Nation. It was Nick Xenophon's in South Australia, Jacqui Lambie's Party in Tasmania  and Deryn Hinch in Victoria. Not suggesting there is a policy or performance link. They have all been in the right place at the right time. It was a  major reason I put my name up as an independent. It was blatantly clear that people are fed up with mainstream politics in Australia & across the world.

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